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TexCreate is one of my favourite projects, it is a Latex Project creator that builds projects using prebuilt templates. This application is built using Rust, so not only is it blazing fast, it’s also a memory-safe application. So how do you install texcreate?

Make sure to install rust with, and once that’s installed you can install texcreate using it’s package manager Cargo.

$ cargo install texcreate

Now let’s go through using the application, currently on V0.4.0, there is only two ways to create projects, create and import. Personally I recommend import but I’ll show you how to use both:

# First create: 
$ texcreate create -n <Project Name> -t <Template>
# Optionally there's -d <Out Directory>

To use import, there’s two steps:

# First step init the config.toml
$ texcreate init

The config.toml looks like this:

author = "Author"
title = "Title"
date = "\today"
project_name = "Project Name"
template = "Math" #Make sure to have first letter upercased

paper_size = "letterpaper"
font_size = 11 #font size number
document_class = "article"
packages = ["PhantomData", ""]

Then we can create the project with import:

$ texcreate import -f config.toml

Note there’s also list that prints the available templates being offered.


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