• Lab 8 – Curve Fitting
    Problem 1 In this problem, we are tasked to create a function that either adds or subtracts polynomial vectors, or the coefficients of a polynomial. To do this I simply used a switch statement, and had cases for either “add” or “sub”, as well as accounting for having different sized vectors. To battle that, a […]
  • TexCreate ^v0.6.0
    In TexCreate v0.6.0 I chose to make a significant transition to how the project operates and split the project into 2 crates. We have of course TexCreate but we also have TexCreate_lib which is the core library for TexCreate. This library contains all templates, configurations, and routing. This is a very common practice, and the […]
  • Next Planned MKProject Books
    The next planned MKProject Books will follow format similar to Rust Basics, and all new books will be generated using the TexCreate tool. Now, what are the next planned books, well these are some: C# Basics Python 3 Basics More Rust C Basics There is no definite release date for any of the books, but […]
  • TexCreate
    TexCreate is one of my favourite projects, it is a Latex Project creator that builds projects using prebuilt templates. This application is built using Rust, so not only is it blazing fast, it’s also a memory-safe application. So how do you install texcreate? Make sure to install rust with, and once that’s installed you […]
  • MKProject Books
    One of the main projects in MKProjects is the Books project and it’s aimed to be an opensource, free way to get resources for a subject. Currently the selection is very limited, (due to the fact that I need to get a good idea of the language as I plan to write it), but currently […]


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